Culinary Arts ismeant for individuals who have a strong love affair with food, adore cooking and aspire for a career in the food industry. With people's universal love for food, it is no wonder that this course is emerging as one of the highly popular fields of study in the country and everywhere else.

Our Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts is a distinctive merit reserved solely for students who successfully completed our OLMAMC designed Culinary Arts Program. It is the culmination of a combined TESDA and OLMAMC Curriculum, cost management subjects, and a number of activities and events meant to give our students inclusive knowledge and skill set on Culinary Arts and the Food Industry.

A. The Curriculum
Composed of four levels, each level equips our students with skills and knowledge of international standard and entitles them to receive a completion of training certificate.

Level 1 or Cookery (TESDA Curriculum NC II)
This level covers the introduction and complete understanding of cooking, its methods and its principles as well as familiarization of equipment, mis-en-place, and sanitation and safety. Students after studying this level will be directed to focus on two main thrusts of cooking namely: serving quality product and preparing food that is safe for human consumption.

Level II or Mastery in Mediterranean Cuisine (OLMA Curriculum)
This level focuses on five (5) of the most internationally well-known main cuisines namely: Greek, French, Italian, Spanish and New Orleans.

Level III or Mastery in Asian Cuisine (OLMA Curriculum)
This level concentrates on the five (5) widely acknowledged Asian cuisines which are: Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and Indian.

Level IV or Baking and Pastry Production (TESDA Curriculum NC II)
As the last level of the program, this level is concerned on the mastery of Cold Kitchen or Grade Manger and Bakeshop. After studying Level 4, students have mastered making delectable breads, cookies, cakes, pastries, quick breads, muffins, biscuits, pies, salads, sandwiches, charcutiere, egg cookery and desserts.

B. The Cost Management Subjects
Through carefully chosen subjects, our students will come to have a working knowledge in Purchasing, Receiving, Storekeeping, Inventory and MIs-en-Place, Garnishing, Plating, Hot-Food Handling, Left-over Management, Portion Control and Menu and Recipe Management.

C. The Activities and Events
Aside from acquiring cooking techniques, baking and pastry production knowledge and mastery of cuisines, our students to earn a grand diploma have to achieve refinement and proficiency of the above mentioned skills which they can achieve by undergoing the following:

Seminars designed to provide an overview of the food industry landscape, to give updates on the industry, and to develop the professional personality of our students.

Resto Visits conducted at the end of mastery levels with the intent of asking students to do a self-evaluation on how their skills in preparing/cooking cuisines fare against industry practitioners.

Hotel Familiarization Tours / A la Carte Immersion aimed to provide a working knowledge and background of the food and hospitality industry based on first-hand experience and observation.

Skills Competitions staged monthly for students to apply and enhance newly acquired skills in a competitive manner thereby polishing their abilities to work well under pressure.

Banquet Affairs held upon completion of each level and are highly anticipated for being the grand showcase events of what the students gained during training.

Under the Culinary Arts Department we also offer :


Cookery Our short course in cookery let students experience the wonders of cooking by teaching them the fundamentals and methods of food preparation and organization as well as mastery in preparing mouthwatering delicacies of either Asian or Mediterranean cuisines.

Baking and Pastry Production Our short course in baking will give our students the satisfaction of mastering the art of producing delectable goodies. We give them a free hand in selecting the treats they want to master from a wide array of choices such as cookies and cakes, bread and cupcakes, and even pies and pastries .